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Simple, stupid, yet somehow brilliant!

'Nyan Cat' and all the variants have gotten as stale and boring as quickly as the original went 'viral'. It is so nice to see a parody with an original twist.

I hope you don't mind, but I just had to convert this to video. It's on the utubes,
'CELHXq7gjno'. It's fully credited in the video and comments, but If it's an issue, I'll gladly remove it.

Yes! Down with drag-and-drop programs

I seriously hate GoAnimate clips, especially people making on political topics that go on and on. Boring, uninformed tirades are bad enough in written form without some poorly synched computer-synthesized voice with a bad British accent spelling it all out. Kudos for covering this. And flaming gay lobsters rule!

Awesomely sums up idiot reviews

After watching this, I will never look at a bad review as 'bad' anymore. How it's read makes all the difference in the world!

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This is pretty fun and a bit of a challenge at the beginning, but then it gets exponentially easy later on with the quick mastery.

Managed to level up quickly and just did a lvl 370 meteor from the start. The bird flies at mach 9001 and keeps gaining altitude. It moves so fast, though, that the screen starts to 'tear' apart. I launched it about an hour ago and it's still going... seriously. No idea how far it has traveled, since I can't read the screen:


Also a bug (exploit) with the chick magnet when you click off-screen that can give you unlimited magnet power.

Pretty fun overall, but the balance makes it silly-easy after a while. Props for adding a mute button. The music is a bit much after hearing it the 20th+ time.

This is pretty fun and challenging and I like how you broke it down to small levels. Your previous game was a bit cumbersome, especially with the long in-between levels where if you screwed up, you had to start all over, again and again (almost rage-quit level of frustration). This one is nice being able to tackle levels in any order.

The ice levels took some getting used to. A tip, if you let go of the movement while jumping, you can land without sliding. One level (forget which) requires using a left-right 'glitch' to pass some spikes. Basically hold right for a few seconds and press left, then you can jump at full speed immediately. Only had to use that once, though.

Mine-cart levels were a bit annoying at first, but you can memorize the timing, more or less. Secret mine-cart levels were more random with the spinning spikes, so those may require a lot more repeats to get through. If you're close to the end and drop, as long as you pass the edge of the screen, it should pass that level.

Few levels that might be broken, Secret 31, in the middle where the trophy is, I can't find a way off that platform due to the spacing of the blocks up to the sides. Running off lands you in the fire pit and jumping, you always hit the block. Unless there is special technique, I don't see how to progress from this point. Can't get off that platform either way.

Area E, level 5, I can't find any way to the trophy. Unless it requires absolute perfect timing with the doors and the entry is right below, I can't find a way in.

Area D, level 3, as mentioned, can't find the trophy anywhere.

Kind of waiting to get those last three before moving onto the boss level.

Also seems to be a problem with Flash crashing if the game has been running a while. Not a big issue since you can just reload and the levels are short enough that you don't lose much , if any, progress.

Overall, a great, challenging game. Some levels are a cakewalk, others quite challenging, but overall nicely balanced.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks a lot. I appreciate the detailed review. I'll look into getting the issues you mentioned fixed ASAP.

1. Secret 31 has been made a little easier
2. In Area E5, the trophy is actually very easy to get, so I haven't made any changes. A few people have mentioned this particular trophy. Don't overthink it!
3. Area D3 trophy is now in a prominent position
4. Still looking into the memory leak issue.

Good, but not much different from the first

It's nice having two new weapon modes and new characters, but the placement of blocks seems quite familiar to the first one. I remember seeing the same patterns this time around, making it very repetitive quickly. I ended up just stopping at a point. It would be nice to have some more variety, as you have it in the first few hundred meters, instead of the same few sequences over and over.

fortunacus responds:

ther will be bob3 in development, release on halloween

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