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Simple, stupid, yet somehow brilliant!

'Nyan Cat' and all the variants have gotten as stale and boring as quickly as the original went 'viral'. It is so nice to see a parody with an original twist.

I hope you don't mind, but I just had to convert this to video. It's on the utubes,
'CELHXq7gjno'. It's fully credited in the video and comments, but If it's an issue, I'll gladly remove it.

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Yes! Down with drag-and-drop programs

I seriously hate GoAnimate clips, especially people making on political topics that go on and on. Boring, uninformed tirades are bad enough in written form without some poorly synched computer-synthesized voice with a bad British accent spelling it all out. Kudos for covering this. And flaming gay lobsters rule!

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Awesomely sums up idiot reviews

After watching this, I will never look at a bad review as 'bad' anymore. How it's read makes all the difference in the world!

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Good, but not much different from the first

It's nice having two new weapon modes and new characters, but the placement of blocks seems quite familiar to the first one. I remember seeing the same patterns this time around, making it very repetitive quickly. I ended up just stopping at a point. It would be nice to have some more variety, as you have it in the first few hundred meters, instead of the same few sequences over and over.

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fortunacus responds:

ther will be bob3 in development, release on halloween

Pretty good, tested well

This reminded me of the early 3D polygon games back in the 90's. Surreal feel to it. Challenging, but not impossible. I'm glad it seems ghost mode was user tested well. It wasn't impossible. Cam 22 just gave me a bit of trouble until I realized I could circle around the ghost once while the platform arrived to the door. I was actually expecting ghost mode to mean the character was invisible... I'd have said, "screw that," if that were the case.

Pretty good game, feel and concept. Now I just need to go back and find the rest of the orbs.

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Timed levels - Make timer transparent or smaller

I almost rage quit on level 23 having that timer right in the way of my jumps.

The challenge banner at the start was also very annoying, getting in the way of quickly starting a level. This became apparent after multiple deaths in a level.

Other levels were good and challenging without being too difficult. The music was also pretty good, although a bit repetitive after a while. Tone down that timer and the banners and this would be perfect.

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JacobPariseau responds:

Thanks for your comment, the banner and timer has been fixed :)

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